FreeDirtGive me “the dirt”  – is a colloquial phrase used when someone wants to know the “inside story”; normally some salacious story or information.

Do you want to know why a golf hole is designed a particular way?  Do you want to know how a golf course design evolved, or our intentions with a certain design or golf course feature?  Here’s your chance.  We give you “the dirt” on our projects.

Many people believe the architect has “carte blanche”, to design and create anything the heart desires.  You might be surprised to learn we don’t design in a vacuum.  Many factors influence our designs, and the development of each golf course.  Inevitably, we arrive at a different destination than we originally intended.

Here, we open our archives and give you a front row seat to the design process, the people involved and a project’s evolution (told from the designer’s perspective).  We relate previously unknown facts, anecdotes and stories.  You might find golf course design is much more interesting, convoluted and impetuous than you believed before.  We invite you to ask any questions you may have about our designs.  And, we invite you to join us; in “The Dirt”.

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