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The Battle for the Soul of the Game G...

I recently read “The Battle for the Soul of the Game…” (excerpt and link to article below) and think it is a great synopsis of golf’s present predicament. It touches on all the salient issues influencing the game, as well as developments which have transported us to where we are today. It also introduces a few of the c [...]

White Witch among good company…

White Witch among good company…
  In John Paul Newport’s (WSJ) recent article titled, “A Golf Lover’s Bucket List”,  he tells about getting an opportunity to play Augusta.  Then, he goes on to list several noteworthy golf courses which, if they are not on your bucket list, they should likely be added…  It’s nice to the White Witch l [...]

White Witch – Jamaica

COMING SOON – the story of our involvement with the White Witch!

Cinnamon Hill – Jamaica

ROSE HALL GREAT HOUSE Cinnamon Hill Golf Course has a twisted history.  We were introduced to it, and contributed to it, when we were designing the adjacent golf course for the Rollins family, the “White Witch”.  BACK STORY John Rollins purchased Rose Hall in the 1960’s and had been developing the 5,000 estate, starting wit [...]

Anfi Tauro -Gran Canaria – Spai...

Anfi #51150x400
Recently came across this video of Anfi Tauro.  It actually provides a good overview of Anfi.  And, we love the British narrator (even his swing looks completely relaxed)!! As he say’s, “Let’s have a look…” Anfi Tauro was the longest golf design project we’ve ever undertaken.  In fact, it likely competes f [...]

Florida land development decision cou...

wall street walpaper small
Approximately 150 golf courses close each year.  This has been the trend for past 5 years at least.  And, this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Many of these golf courses are associated with – and impact adjacent residential real estate.  But, what happens to the land when a golf course closes.  Today, this issue is being [...]

Bill Huffman: writes about Robert von...

RvH drafting 1500x1500
Von Hagge left imprint on Arizona Posted By:  Bill Huffman Posted On:  10-21-10 By BILL HUFFMAN Having covered golf in this state for 25 years, I have had the privilege of meeting many of the great golf course architects who have left their imprints on Arizona. One of those who particularly impressed me for his creativity and vivid personalit [...]

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Please excuse us while we build our new website.

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