There are hundreds of golf course design firms, dozens of golf courses under design and construction, and countless existing golf holes;

all seeming to boast the most challenging and memorable golf experience of a lifetime.  So, how then do you choose the Architect who will make your project stand out from all the rest? You learn all you can about the firm’s credentials, awards and people.  You visit their courses and find out what their clients are saying.

We understand how important this decision is to you. We sincerely want your project to be the most unique and distinctive creation we have ever accomplished.  We are personally involved in every facet of the project.  We develop the preliminary layouts, the construction plans, specifications and field sketches.

Over the past 45 years, we have created over 250 courses worldwide in over 50 cities and 16 countries.  Annually, our courses host an average of 12 major PGA Tour, Senior PGA Tour, European PGA Tour, International Golf Open Events and National and International Amateur Championships.

Pelican Marsh-Naples-Fla

Pelican Marsh – Florida

The foundation of our strategic design philosophy is the exclusive vHS&B 21-point criteria.  This 21-point design system provides a comprehensive tactical examination for every level of ability during an 18-hole round of golf.  This criterion, based on trajectory, direction and distance, is satisfied by how we contour the terrain and position the golf course features.

Our experience with some the world’s most challenging terrain has prepared us well.  We moved six million cubic meters of rock and soil to fill a valley and modify a mountainside in Venezuela.  We successfully managed 380 feet of elevation change between golf holes built at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan.  We have built courses on solid waste dumpsites.  When we were commissioned for the design of the renowned Doral golf course complex in Miami, nearly 50% of the property was under water.

Our integrated marketing plan and course development program is structured to ensure success.  You are personally involved with the partners in all facets of the promotion and marketing of each project.  This process begins with pre-construction activities and continues well beyond the opening, including on-going assistance in the public relations and promotion of each new facility.

When working with private clubs, we will assist in formulating the Board of Governors and the Charter Group of Members.  We fully participate in media announcements and presentation events.  As previous golf club owners and operators, we have insight into all aspects of golf course development, sales and operations.  We commit to participate as a member of the Greens Committee for three years following completion of the course, helping to ensure a successful operating transition.

Over the years, we have carefully cultivated several funding sources for our client’s needs.  Depending on your specific need, we can introduce traditional golf course debt financing, joint ventures, private bonds sales and golf real estate investment trusts.

Golf represents the measure of one’s character.  This great game has the uncanny ability to expose our individual traits, personalities and emotions.  Golf can stir the spirit, create a lasting memory, and test your character.  Our courses will exhilarate and captivate you.  You will remember them and the entire experience long afterwards.

Emporda – Spain